New - Home Working Lifestyle MOT

Designed in response to the changes in working practices many of us are experiencing as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

We know that working from home in the current climate is challenging for a lot of people. As an organisation that values its employees, you can show them you care about their welfare by offering them the opportunity to gain insight into their personal health.

It's an entirely remote service that involves the employee completing a set of questionnaires. They will then receive a personalised report with recommendations for improving health and well-being where indicated by their responses. The Home Working Lifestyle MOT covers:

With employees consent we can provide an anonymised report to management identifying themes that can be used to inform:

email with the subject Home Working Lifestyle MOT and the number of employees for a free, no obligation, quote.


Every business and workforce is different, so we don’t offer pre-built packages. All of our services are bespoke. You can pick and choose what you want to include and leave out what’s not relevant.

Get in touch now to tell us about your business & people and we’ll build a solution based on your needs, to suit your budget. Our workplace well-being services fall into the following main categories:

BetterHealth MOTs

Our most popular service and often the first thing people contact us about. We can design bespoke Health MOT packages, ranging from those that include just a couple of key assessments, through to comprehensive screening appointments. If there’s a particular test you’re interested in that’s not listed, please let us know.

Popular on-site assessments include:

BetterShape weight management solutions

BetterShape is our 12 week, group weight management programme. Based on the principles of behaviour change and education, BetterShape supports employees who want to eat more healthily, become more active and manage their weight in a realistic and sustainable way.

The 12 week, BetterShape programme content is also available as an online course, which can be completed on an individual basis with weekly instalments and support from an experienced coach.

BlueSkies also offer personal consultations with an experienced coach to support lifestyle change for weight management. These can help individuals break through barriers and find solutions to challenges that they don’t feel comfortable sharing with a group.

We also provide consultancy on how to make your workplace healthier. For example, we can work with you to develop healthy workplace policies and procedures, assist in the planning of healthy canteen meal options and advise on what food to offer in meetings to keep energy levels high and boost creativity.

BetterMovement physical activity solutions

We provide consultancy on improving business working practices and the work environment to encourage greater levels of active transport and increase physical activity during working hours. Experts are placing an increased importance on breaking up periods of sedentary time during the day and we can offer guidance on how to facilitate regular movement breaks for desk workers.

Workforces that are involved in periods of continuous or intermittent physical work (e.g. lifting and carrying) benefit from pre-activity warm ups and mobilisation routines to prevent musculoskeletal injuries. Our team of fitness professionals and physiotherapists can provide targeted pre and post-work routines to help keep your team injury-free.

We are able to provide a range of technology driven solutions to help employees become more active. Ranging from active sitting balls for meeting rooms to mobile application-based challenges, movement tracking and even personal exercise prescription and personal coaching services.

BetterBusiness webinars or seminars

These are 30 minute Learn@Lunch seminars, followed by Q&A sessions that can be delivered on-site or by webinar. BlueSkies can deliver sessions on a range of health, fitness adn Well-being topics to suit your needs.

Popular topics include: